What's new in ECEAT Finland

In 2008, our central activities will again include marketing and providing other information on the Internet, ecological and cultural quality development and co-operation with the ECEAT International network. We are also open to new projects and forms of co-operation.

Sustainability in tourism projects

Supported by funding from the Ministry of the Environment, ECEAT Finland is now working on Environmental Education in Tourism. The project is aimed at improving the ecological and cultural qualities of tourism services and at increasing the environmental awareness of tourists. The main goal is to develop a new internet based quality system, which will offer the member enterprises tools for assessing and improving their sustainability. This improved quality system is being developed in co-operation with ECEAT International and our Nordic sister organisations.

Through ECEAT International we are also participating in the EU-funded project Natura 2000 and Tourism. The aim is to increase awareness of the possibilities and restrictions in Natura areas for both tourists and tourism enterprises. The role of ECEAT Finland in the project is to build up and test a related quality system.

Another seminar coming up in spring 2008

In November 2007 ECEAT Finland organized a seminar entitled 'Environmental Education in Tourism' in Helsinki.
In spring 2008 a new seminar on the same topic will be organized. All are welcome to bring and discuss new ideas on how to offer tourism services that are more organic and more ecological, and how to travel while still respecting the environment. More information about the event will appear later in these pages.

International co-operation

ECEAT International will introduce a renewed comprehensive website and database in spring 2008, in order to strengthen international co-operation and marketing. Finnish ECEAT accommodations will also be presented in English on this new site.

Updated 17.2.2008 KL