What is ECEAT?

Finnish Eco-Agrotourism Association ECEAT Finland, founded in February 2005, upholds and develops the network built up by the Organic and Sustainable Tourism Project .

The network includes:

  • Organic and biodynamic farms
  • Ecologically responsible guest-houses, B&Bs and eco-villages
  • Other places offering accommodation or programmes of interest, promoting the protection of nature and local culture.

Accommodation ranges from small camp sites to full board and from the simple to the luxurious - from the peace and quiet of a private cottage to active participation in everyday farm life. On many of the farms you are also welcome to buy organic products.

International cooperation

We are part of the European ECEAT network  (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism), which was established in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s. The aim was to support traditional small farmers through tourism and to encourage them to continue their profession and thereby protect the environment and the valuable cultural landscape.

The ECEAT farms soon became a veritable treasure for western visitors, who wanted to experience authentic and traditional rural culture. Eco-agrotourism quickly gained popularity and the network now comprises over 1000 organic and biodynamic farms and other ecological accomodation facilities in 20 European countries.

ECEAT publishes Green Holiday Guides in a variety of languages. The ECEAT International web site gives a lot of information on the work of the organisation and its members in different countries.

By visiting ECEAT farms you combine leisure with ecological action: Enjoy your holiday and help organic farmers and other ecological tourism entrepreneurs keep the countryside alive and diverse!