Quality aims

Ecological and cultural quality

ECEAT is promoting environmentally responsible tourism, so the quality criteria of the network also pay particular attention to the ecological and cultural sustainability of tourism services. All enterprises belonging to the ECEAT network should aim at the following ten basic goals of ecological and cultural sustainability:

  • Supporting environmentally friendly farming
  • Responsible use of water and energy
  •  Minimising the amount of waste produced
  • "Green" building policies
  • Informing customers on issues related to ecological and cultural sustainability
  • Environmentally friendly travel and public transport
  • Fostering diversity in nature and our living environment
  • Cherishing our cultural heritage
  • Supporting local economies and promoting cooperation
  • Making combined efforts towards all of these goals

In addition to sustainability, the ECEAT quality standard embraces certain technical criteria dealing with safety and comfort.

To see our standards in detail, please go to: www.eceat.org

ECEAT Finland offers support to network members wishing to develop their quality standards, by providing information and organizing study visits and training. Every accommodation must have a special ECEAT quality certificate.

Quality system for improving sustainability

Together with ECEAT International, we are working on a new Internet-based quality system, which will offer our member enterprises tools for assessing and improving their sustainability.

After reaching a certain level of quality, enterprises may receive 'specialization' labels in four different fields: sustainable agriculture, nature protection, efficient use of natural resources and socio-economic responsibility/cultural involvement.

These labels will also be used in marketing, helping visitors to choose the places to stay that are most suited to their interests.

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